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Medicat Installer


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  • Windows 10/11 (Insider is not always supported)
  • Ubuntu / Arch / Debian / CentOS / FreeBSD / Fedora

Requirements for Windows

  • Windows 1703+ (releases after 2017)
  • cURL
  • Half a brain

Requirements for Linux

  • Terminal
  • like 75% of a brain
  • General Linux Knowedge

Main Files


The main file with guided prompts for downloading and installing Medicat USB

Main file for installing via linux command line Coded by @SkeletonMan03

Programs Included / Downloaded during install

Files Downloaded

  1. aria2
    • For downloading from torrent file.
  2. 7Zip
    • For File Extraction
  3. IPget
    • IPFS wget basically
  4. FolderBrowse
    • To find out what drive you want to install to without typing stuff
  5. QuickSFV
    • For hashing the big files somewhat quickly…

The Following are for the menu system.

  1. batbox
  2. Box
  3. Button
  4. Getinput
  5. Getlen


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